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The College Preparedness & Planning Program helps you to assess and discover the appropriate venues and methodologies your students can pursue to find prosperity and happiness in their lives and career as a college student and to get their college degree in a timely manner. At Onward® we recognize that student success derives from an educational process that facilitates students’ understanding of the meaning and purpose of higher education. This process fosters and encourages intellectual and personal development, academic success, and promotes lifelong learning. 

A Scientific Approach to Career Planning

We use a scientifically based online assessment, students will receive their own individualized report that will assist the instructor, advisor, or counselor in supporting students in planning their educational career, while maximizing the benefits of education. Through this educational process, you partner with your students in planning academic, personal, and career goals. The College Preparedness & Planning Program at Onward® helps you to guide motivated students to go to college, be successful in their college education, graduate in a timely manner, and secure gainful employment that helps them fulfill their lifelong dreams.

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Our College Prep Program works for everyone regardless of age, or what stage they might be in their education or career. We are offering the program at a very budget-friendly, simple price. We also guarantee results. For every 25 groups of students, we will train one teacher, advisor, or counselor at no extra cost, so they can continue the consultation process. We are highly dedicated to increasing the numbers of citizens getting a college degree in the U.S, and we are convinced that in working with Onward®, your students will be well on their way toward their educational success.

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