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In Spring 2015, an estimated 2.8 million colleges and university graduates entered the U.S. workforce with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. At the same time, America’s unemployment rate hit its lowest level in nearly seven years. Unfortunately, many of these college graduates found themselves without work, and made up about 40 percent of the unemployed in the US.

Career Path Planning

At Onward® we are interested in supporting and assisting you in planning your future since obtaining your college degree, and landing that perfect job that is the right one for you. The tool that we use to begin this process is The College Preparedness & Planning Program, used in individual consultation, advising with a strong support system. Its sole purpose is assisting in the career path planning for you, and pursuing your career in making the right choices. It all begins with your natural behavioral style.

How Do We help?

Everything is driven from the behavioral assessment that you do online, which provides us with a resulting Personal Report. From this Report we will devote a considerable amount of time reviewing the contents of it with you, and to assist you in pursuing the right job that is just waiting for you.

College Graduates

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